Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Covered in Projects

The last couple of weeks and the next few weeks ahead are busy times for me.  Not in a whirlwind, unfocused way, rather this is an engaged, concentrated, set to work on projects both old and new kind of way. 

I continue to compile stories for the memoir that now (I am excited to report) has a working title: “Visions of My Life: My Mother’s Memory Book.” In addition, I am writing new poetry that I plan to publish as a collection.  As many of you are aware, writing, like reading can take over your life.

Speaking of reading, my Kindle is overflowing with so many books to read that at one time I would have stacked in an uneven pile on my bedside table. While I still love the feel of a book in my hand, I have to admit that my Kindle is very convenient and less messy. Like my laptop, my Kindle is a daily companion.

I am working on several projects for the coming warm weather of spring and summer.  Last year I accumulated a quite large collection of clay pots and trays that I am painting and decorating. As all of these were previously used they need a good cleaning and then have to have 2-3 coats of sealer applied before I can start with the painting.  Also, I picked up a few old wooden bird houses and feeders from garage sales last year. Some of these need minor repair, and all of them need cleaning, and sanding before I can begin to paint and decorate them. These projects cover my work counter, which is a good thing because when work is in front of me I have more incentive to get it done.

The next few weeks will find me working outside for a couple of hours each day.  The yard and the porch need a good cleaning out and I am sure the winter months added some repair work.  I will need to get help with some of this work, as my wrist will not take too much pressure since I crushed it a few years ago. I want to get an herb garden growing this year. Some of the herbs from a previous garden still come up every year, but not very many and these need some care.  I generally start plants from seed and begin them in the house.  The flats are ready to go, so I only have to wait for the final frost to come and go. Our days here are in the 40s but our nights still drop below freezing, so planting won’t begin for at least a couple of weeks.

I still have a backlog of tables and chairs to refinish and decorate along with some empty frames to fill with patterns for the ongoing Ode to the Quilt project. I have to admit that I  did not do much of this work over the past winter. In fact, I was very lax in the art department.  Winter makes me lazy.

Well, that’s about it for this post. Thanks so much for stopping by. ~Yvonne~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marching Into Spring

It is difficult to express the extent of my happiness that the month of February is behind us for another year.  Although it is the shortest of calendar months, I always feel that it is the longest in time. For me, this squeezed in month of days feels like an entire month of Mondays.

While March still brings cold weather and snow, it also brings the first day of spring.  More than the first day of January, the twenty or twenty-first day of March gives me a feeling of a new year. Spring is a time of new beginnings. The earth awakens from its long winter’s sleep to stretch and sigh, and yes, occasionally it hits the snooze alarm. While that is sometimes frustrating, we must remember that it is only a snooze.  With spring comes the song of birds from the very tiny to the larger geese, ducks, and swans.  They build their nests in preparation for raising new families. The trees begin to dress in tiny buds along their stems, like pulling on their undergarments before they deck out to full dress.  The longer days shed sun to warm the earth and flowers pop their heads out of the rich soil to add color to the awakening world.  Snow gives way to snow and melts the ice of ponds and streams. Wind raises waves across the lake and brings winter’s deadfall that will feed the fire of summer’s bonfires along with the larger logs that will serve as new seats where we will sit watch the sailboats skim the edge of the horizon.

Yes, March brings spring with the promise of new beginnings, of new hope, and new goals. It is my time to celebrate!

Thanks for stopping by ~Yvonne~

Monday, March 04, 2013

Free Spirits aren't Still (Final Revision)

This is a final revision of a poem I wrote some years ago. I pull it out every so often and revise it, however, I was never quite satisfied with it. This version is the final revision, and I feel very good with the outcome. So, here it is, I hope you enjoy it...

Free Spirits Aren't Still

Life day to day
Does not lend to us;
It just molds us
Into everyone else.
It kills our spirit
And it makes us forget.

But we will never forget;
We tell ourselves, "don't"
For if we have not yet,
Then we know that we won't,
As we strive to remember
That free spirits aren't still.

Some don't forget
But yet become bitter
They resent all they've gained, 
Much accomplished in vain,
Allowing them nothing
Within their realized dream.
They lose hold of their center  
And cannot get back.            
That won't happen to us;
We will never lose track.

Though we talk everyday
To reveal through words
That we dare not say.
Yet, we give it our best,
Always fearing the worst.
While we yearn for the sun,
To live our life everyday,
And, we armor ourselves;
For we know what life is…
Always easier said, than done.

Moves need to be made;
We believe it’s our time.
It’s a feeling we get,
It wears on our minds,
And it makes us aware.

So we prepare for the change,
And we hope it comes soon.
For there's much more than this
And we need to have room,
For it's just not enough
To simply exist.

Yet, we are here right now,
And now that we are,
Will we be here forever? 
Always so close
Yet so far?

Yes, time takes its turns
And our life's seasons change.
When we sense we're alone,
We tend to cling to each other.
And as life moves us along,
We don't dare look down,
As we remind to remember
Free spirits aren't still.