Monday, March 04, 2013

Free Spirits aren't Still (Final Revision)

This is a final revision of a poem I wrote some years ago. I pull it out every so often and revise it, however, I was never quite satisfied with it. This version is the final revision, and I feel very good with the outcome. So, here it is, I hope you enjoy it...

Free Spirits Aren't Still

Life day to day
Does not lend to us;
It just molds us
Into everyone else.
It kills our spirit
And it makes us forget.

But we will never forget;
We tell ourselves, "don't"
For if we have not yet,
Then we know that we won't,
As we strive to remember
That free spirits aren't still.

Some don't forget
But yet become bitter
They resent all they've gained, 
Much accomplished in vain,
Allowing them nothing
Within their realized dream.
They lose hold of their center  
And cannot get back.            
That won't happen to us;
We will never lose track.

Though we talk everyday
To reveal through words
That we dare not say.
Yet, we give it our best,
Always fearing the worst.
While we yearn for the sun,
To live our life everyday,
And, we armor ourselves;
For we know what life is…
Always easier said, than done.

Moves need to be made;
We believe it’s our time.
It’s a feeling we get,
It wears on our minds,
And it makes us aware.

So we prepare for the change,
And we hope it comes soon.
For there's much more than this
And we need to have room,
For it's just not enough
To simply exist.

Yet, we are here right now,
And now that we are,
Will we be here forever? 
Always so close
Yet so far?

Yes, time takes its turns
And our life's seasons change.
When we sense we're alone,
We tend to cling to each other.
And as life moves us along,
We don't dare look down,
As we remind to remember
Free spirits aren't still.
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