Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A January Update

I have not had a chance to write much since the beginning of the year. The flu took hold of me just after the New Year and decided to settle in for a long visit. I am still a little stuffy, but feel much better than I did earlier this month.

The weather here is very unusual. We usually have a good amount of snow and cold at a steady pace starting in December that lasts throughout until the middle of March. However, the temperatures in December and during most of January never reached much below 300 F with only one good snowfall. In fact, the overall temperatures were in the 400’s – 500’s with some high 600 F days thrown in for good measure. This past weekend it was near 500 F and today we are in the single digits at 80 F. It is no wonder that the flu season has hit so hard.

I am thinking about taking a photography class sometime this year, as photography is more or less one of my hobbies. I don’t know how well I will be at this, but I feel the need to explore the possibilities. Also, I am lately writing more poetry and I feel I should submit some of my work to a few poetry contests this year. Of course, this means I will have to refrain from posting all of my work to my blogs. I want to mention here that I have started posting my poetry to a new blog here: http://bookendings.wordpress.com/. I am using that blog specifically for poetry, but I will still maintain my poetry heading here as well. I am posting one or two poems per week over at http://wordpress.com as I don’t want to overwhelm new followers with 35-40 posts (or more) all at once. 

Well, that’s all I have to say for today. I hope everyone is well and keeping warm in these winter months. Until next time, Thanks for stopping by… Yvonne  

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