Thursday, January 03, 2013

Weapons are not a Path to Peace and Harmony

There is much controversy in America these days over the Second Amendment that concerns our rights as citizens to own and carry weapons.  While I understand the need for the Second Amendment, I do believe that we need to have restrictions to that right. The violence in this country involving firearms and the acquisition of firearms by anyone having the money or means to acquire a firearm is completely out of control. It is fast becoming the belief by the average American citizen that they should own and carry a firearm when they leave their home for whatever reason whether to go to a shopping mall, a theater, school, or place of employment. There is no doubt that we are living in dangerous times, however I can imagine more dangerous times on the horizon as more of our average citizens feel the need to arm themselves.

With the increase of violence involving armed predators, there comes an increased sense of terror within the psyche of the average citizen and the sense that they must have the means to defend their homes, families, friends, and themselves.  Over the past few years, I have thought long and hard about my personal feelings on the subject of violence and the need to carry a weapon as it is my right as an American citizen. While I am aware that many will disagree with my view (and have every right to disagree), my opinion is that I do not believe that weapons are a path to peace and harmony.

Yes, people do use weapons for the purpose of sport and hunting, but weapons such as handguns and assault weapons are not used for this purpose. The purpose of these types of weapons is to kill or seriously injure human beings. These types of weapons need regulations as to their acquirement, intention of usage, and the reason for their need.

As mass murders and homicides continue to rise, we are seeing an escalated purchase of firearms by the average citizen. However, while the average citizen may have training in target shooting, they do not have training to respond in a panic situation with the use of a weapon. While a person may believe they know how to react, reality and fantasy have very different results.  I do not believe that more people owning and carrying weapons is an answer to stopping violent crimes. Weapons are not a path to peace and harmony.

If the acquirement of weapons continues, I can only imagine more killing. I feel we are taking a backwards step or even a long stride from freedom and safety not only in our cities, but in our towns and small communities as well. I prefer not to have to own or carry a weapon with the intention or fear that if a situation arises that I will have to take another person’s life. Nor do I want to live in trepidation that a situation will arise where I fear for my own life. This is not a psychologically healthy way to live. We should not go back to living life as it was in the days of the ‘wild west’ or have to live as though we are in a war zone.

Yes, unfortunately, people will always find ways to kill or harm one another; however, without laws and regulations imposed on the sale of weapons, it is too easy for anyone to carry out these types of crimes particularly on a mass scale. We need to find a way to get weapons off the street and away from those who wish to harm others. We need strong laws imposed on the sale of firearms. We need to feel safe on our streets, public areas, and our own homes. Increasing the amount of people who own and carry guns is not the answer…

Weapons are not a path to peace and harmony.

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