Friday, February 01, 2013

Writer’s Overload

It was a week of essay ideas, (too many to count), and I cannot seem to focus on any one subject to complete one satisfactorily.  So, I am writing this blurb just to let you know I am still here in spirit, even though I don’t have anything written to post of much interest that is complete.

This is not exactly writer’s block; it is more like writer’s overload. In some ways, I would rather experience the block, but then again… Currently my notebook is overflowing with scribbled notes of words, lines, and vague ideas that pop into my head in random order. I am not sure where any of these are going but I am confident they will all come together, if not separately, in the end.  

I think that writer’s overload might stem from media overload. As I had the flu for a couple of weeks, I spent much of my time reading and listening to audio books, watching a few television series and movies on Netflix, and surfing the internet. All of these activities cause me to have deep thoughts on all sorts of subjects ranging from emotional and psychological conflict (not necessarily my own) to the state of the world and the environment. As if this were not enough to keep my mind in a whirlwind, I then begin worrying over catching up on housework and the home repairs that I will have to work on when spring comes. Yes, all these thoughts together are an excessive amount of subjects for one writer to have dancing through his or her mind.

For now, my only cure is to remove myself from the influx of media and concentrate on an artistic project or begin a major housecleaning project. Between these two, not much to anyone’s surprise, I am leaning more towards the artistic avenue. Anyway, either one of these activities will organize the mass of thoughts that are a disorganized jumble in my head. Before long, every idea, thought, word and line will find its own cubby file. I won’t have to work on it, it will just happen on its own. Writing is not always easy, but it is good to know that the clean up of writer’s overload is a just a matter of alternate focus.

Thanks for stopping by… ~Yvonne~

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