Monday, January 20, 2014

Looking Forward to a Better Week

I can only hope that the coming week is better than last week.  I had the flu last week, complete with headache, sneezing, chills and a churning tummy ache.  I tried to barrel through it for the first part of the week, but by Thursday, I had to give in and take to my bed.  I am feeling better now though not perfect.

The sad news last week was that my mom’s Seeing Eye dog, Ula, had to be retired.  Ula is ten years old and showing signs of aging.  Ten is quite old for a working dog.  My mom generally retired her previous dogs at around eight years old.  Upon retirement, most of her other dogs were adopted by friends or relatives to live out the rest of their years.  I adopted her last dog, Crystal, who was my constant companion for two years until she succumbed to cancer.

Mom took Ula to the vet for a check-up on Friday at which time it was discovered that she had a tumor on her spleen and would not any longer have the ability to be a guide. Mom was, of course, devastated.  However, the vet assured her that if Ula survived surgery and recovered that they would find her a good home.  It seems the vet has a client, a woman who recently lost her dog, who is need of a companion and Ula is the perfect candidate.  My mom agreed to this arrangement.  Hopefully, this will all turn out for the best.

Mom is doing well all things considered.  She phoned The Seeing Eye to ask for an application to begin the process of training for another guide dog.  We are hoping she is strong enough to go through training process, which is quite rigorous.  In her late eighties, she is still active within the community, yet does have days when she tires easily.  However, she is a determined woman who will not back down from a challenge unless it proves undefeatable.

In the meantime, we will miss Ula’s presence in our lives…

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