Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Sometimes, I simply write...

Because I’m a writer, I have to write.  Writing is my best form of communication, not just with others, but with me. There are times when I sit down with paper and pen or pencil, or sit down at the keyboard with no idea or plan as to what I will write. I simply write.

There is something magical about the writing of words without thought as to what I am writing. Random thoughts appear in an endless flow of words filling the once blank page. Even in abstract, they have meaning. The words might seem gibberish to someone else, but for me they bring clarity to my world. Once written and read, I might find answers to a problem I’m facing, or I might discover something that is bothering me, or I might discover a new idea or line for a story or poem.  

For me, writing is a release and a relief from the everyday worries that life can bring.

I have to write because I am a writer. And sometimes, I simply write...

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