Monday, June 25, 2012

Accomplishing the Non-writing Tasks

I have so much to accomplish this week that it is making my 'to do' list look a bit scary. Of course, as it's Monday, the week ahead looks even more daunting than it really is.

The weekend was very productive though. I went to a neighborhood garage sale and found some great items for my art at a very cheap price. I found several wood frames that are perfect for framing quilt blocks, and 10 rolls of wallpaper priced at $1.00 each that are perfect for the mosaics of large furniture such as the old double bed I have upstairs in storage. I also have several large tables to complete... I wonder how much new rolls of wallpaper cost? I will have to check that out...

I am working on a quilt block and frame for my sister-in-law's birthday, which we will celebrate this coming Saturday at my house. Luckily, the house is in good shape for company, so I won't have much house work to do to prepare for company. The wash needs to get done, of course, but today the weather is cool and I won't mind running the dryer, ( when it is too hot, I hate running the dryer as it just adds more heat in the house).

The biggest and most horrible thing I have to accomplish is getting the yard and the back deck in shape.  My lawnmower broke last year, and because of my broken car issues that need to get fixed, I haven't had any money to buy a lawnmower. Consequently, the backyard looks like an overgrown field of tall grass that is in need of harvesting. I have no idea how I am going to get it under control enough to get it back to normal. Luckily, my brother emailed me today telling me he would bring a mower and whatever was needed to get it done including my nephews to help out. We all should be able to tame it back. I am very grateful for their help. Tomorrow I will start on the deck. My friend, Christin, wants to help me out there, and we should get it done in an afternoon. Again, I am very grateful.

Other than that my week will be filled with the writings of a mad-woman. I am working on my story again, and writing takes up much of my time so I must get the big non-writing things out of the way.
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