Monday, June 18, 2012

Dragonfly Dreams

Dragon circled the earth by night,
Dropping dreams along his path,
Forming ripples in known reality,
With illusion, he altered the truth of sight.

He lit the sky with his breath of fire,
In guiding patterns for all to see,
Tiny specs of brilliant beams
To hang forever on invisible wire.

The air stirred through his sparkling scales
Filling the Earth with echoed melody.
Light of fire to drops of rain reflected
With colors too vibrant to pale.

His power of enchantment and insight grew
To transcending change of thought and form
Till pride caught him in his own veneer
When challenged to change his shape to new.

Dragon writhed in his newfound form,
Unable to escape his own illusion.
As he thrashed about, his scales burst forth
Raining down to earth in a radiant swarm.

Each scale a Dragonfly with nothing to hide
Is all that is left of Dragon.
Skimming the water, it hovers on air
And warns of the perils of succumbing to pride.

Dragonfly guides us to truth through dreams
On wings that illuminate our lives to transform.
Reminding our gifts come from the Creator,
And that life is never the same as it seems.
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