Monday, June 04, 2012

On the Grey Days

It is  again another rainy, cold, grey day here in Summerville, New York. Too many days like this in a row make me feel a little lost.  In November of 2007 I wrote a poem to express my feelings about the grey days, and thought I would like to share it here...

On the Grey Days

On the grey days
I miss
The Sun's light,
The blue Sky
With wispy clouds.
I want
To heat
And dry
The air outside.

On the grey days
The bare trees
And sleeping gardens
Make me sad,
And sometimes
I am quick to anger.
I think too much.

On the grey days
I try
To hibernate,
To retreat.
I close
The blinds
The Sky.
I avoid
Nature's course.

On the grey days
I warm the house,
And cook,
And clean.
I turn
The music up
Just a notch,
Always playing
In the background.

On the grey days
I find it hard
To talk,
To express
My thoughts
Except through
Written words.
And even then,
I think...

On the grey days,
I do not understand
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