Friday, July 27, 2012

And Finally Friday...

Friday has finally arrived, and I am headed out my front door and into the world. I am excited as each time I head out with no particular destination in mind I find something new.

I don’t have any real plan but I expect to stop a couple of flea markets in town—one of which I’ve never explored.  I suspect there are some garage/yard sales in the neighborhood, as well.  It is the garage sales, the rummage sales, the flea markets, and the used goods stores that I love the most. Not only do I have an attraction to other people’s junk, I always find some old piece of furniture on its last leg that I can refurbish and give new life. Currently, I am specifically looking for wood picture frames that I can paint and fill with the quilt patterns for the “Ode to the Quilt” series I am working on. I still have five large frames and at least ten small frames to fill, but I have more ideas sprouting in my head daily.

I am sure to pay a visit to the library today. This is always my last stop of the day as I tend to lose track of time when there. I would like to get some audio books and maybe a couple of movies for next week. I read books in audio format quite often lately as when I am working on a project piece I can read all day while I create. However, I cannot read while writing, and lately writing takes up at least half of my day. As far as actual reading, I take time every day to read my emails and attempt to keep up with other’s blogs I am following. Except today, I will spend outside the world of technology and keep focused on the physical world.

This weekend will not find me immersed in art projects or writing either. I plan to clean out all of the kitchen cupboards, and when that task is done, I will organize my work and writing space. These are tasks that weigh on my brain during my work week, and sometimes interrupt my sleep. The weight will lift once they are complete, and I have no doubt that the cupboard cleaning will produce a box or two of items that I no longer use that will go to the Goodwill. So, not only will my conscience be lighter, so will my cupboards. 

Then, Monday will arrive—the day that usually finds me unfocused. Yet, I think after this short hiatus from writing I will find that I will have much to say to the blank page, because like an old friend, the blank page and I always have much to discuss…
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