Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lost Soul

Lost soul,
invisibly bright,
falls into the sky.
The ground that slips
around his head,
runs cold to burn
as liquid glass.
in dark white clouds,
he loosely grasps
to clutch thin air.

Words fall silent
on open lines.
He opens his mind
to close his thoughts.
He is distraught
with shattered reason.
His compass spins
to find control,
But does not reveal,
A single direction.

He faces the future
of his past,
and finds more questions
in the answers.
He seeks outside
for his inner truth;
believing honest lies
from familiar strangers.

As he fights to fill
his soul's gaping hole
by denying need
and shunning desire,
he digs himself deeper
into a desolate pit,
that escalates
to adhere
to his external life.

Yet those who knew him
and know him still,
push to drag him
from his sheltered void.
And with their words
that go unspoken
they drain the poison
of his silent vigil.

Then finally,
without expectation,
all that is present
clearly vanishes;
and finding everything
in the expanse of nothing
he slowly emerges
to become himself.
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