Monday, July 02, 2012

Having Faith

Having Faith IS NOT to simply believe
Having Faith IS to know absolutely.

Without a hope, or a wish, or a want
To know everything you need,
Will come when you need it, and
Will be there within the right time.

Having Faith IS NOT greedy or boastful
Having Faith IS generous and kind.

Without seeking praise, or glory, or honor
To recognize the needs of others, and
To give freely of whatever is needed
Whether possessions, or labor, or time.

Having Faith IS NOT erratic or anxious
Having Faith IS patient and steadfast.

Without a rush, or a swerve, or a detour
To stay sturdy on treacherous ground
When the world crashes in from the outside
To know that guidance always comes from within.

Having Faith IS NOT pompous preaching
Having Faith IS an honest example

Without judgment, or insult, or ridicule
To accept other's beliefs without prejudice
And not compromise yours in the process
Standing firm in what is right and not wrong

Having Faith IS NOT organized religion...
Having Faith IS a Divine bond to the Soul.
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