Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taking Some Time to Write and Share

As I planned, I am very busy this weekend, but I had to sit down and take some time to write. Not to write anything important, rather to keep anyone reading my blog up to date as to my activities. This might not interest everyone, however, I am very pleased with the tasks I have completed thus far – so here goes.

Yesterday I moved my desk from upstairs to downstairs. My desk is a beat up piece of furniture (see photo below), and is quite small. Yet this is a good thing as I am unable to clutter it up too much. It has enough space on top to fit both of my computers giving me access to two screens at once. It also has seven roomy drawers to store the things I use the most and that adds to keeping my things organized. As I said, it is not in the best shape. I rescued it from a friend’s trash pile and plan to eventually sand it down and refinish it.

I also started to rearrange my book shelves, but had to break from that as books are a distraction and I need to complete the reorganization of my kitchen cupboards first or I will never get to them. However, I did want to share this beautiful bookshelf with you (again see photos below). It is another piece that was rescued from someone’s junk pile - although my father did the rescuing this time. This bookcase is over 100 years old and is made of oak. The craftsmanship of this piece is astounding, as you can see from the decorative carvings in the back of the top shelf. I believe that this was once used as a kitchen cupboard as it had brackets that would hold a rod for light weight curtains just below the top shelf. The shelves are adjustable but are not held up with pegs as our modern book shelves are made. Along the inside of the case are scalloped slots that hold pieces of wood that fit perfectly into the slots, and then the shelf is place atop these wood pieces.

As you can probably tell, I love old furniture. In fact I rarely buy anything new. Later this week I plan to write a blog about my art in refurbishing tables and chairs. I hope you enjoyed this little break and that you return for more of my babble.

Wishing everyone a Happy Sunday, and thank you for reading. - Yvonne
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