Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Angel of Destiny

The moon was big and bright
That first night you came to me.
At first you gave me such a fright
My first instinct was to flee.

You talked in riddles, nothing clear.
I thought you were insane.
Though only words I felt vague fear,
And you did not give your name.

I wanted to listen to my inner voice
That told me, “Get out of there”.
But destiny stopped me from that choice
To leave would mean despair.

My heart so fast began to beat
As your words sparked sense anew,
Old duties that I dare not cheat
To all others I must be true.

Then you gave me something solid
A symbol shining in my dream
Amongst other visions horrid
This could only reign supreme.

So many questions filled my mind
The answers I needed to know.
But you had left me far behind
And I had not heard you go.

I was not really hurt or angry
Being farther than when I began.
You must have been an angel of destiny
And I am sure we will meet again.

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