Monday, July 09, 2012

I Know Who You Are

I know who you are.
From your simplest thought,
To your most complex idea,
I see your dreams struggle
Against the events of your past.
And though you keep secrets
Those wounds still bleed through
And the stains darken your truth.
But you don’t understand
That you have to move on
Because that nightmare is over
It has become nothing more
Than a hazy mist.
And it cannot define you,
It is not who you are.

I know who you are.
I watch you as you turn your back,
I watch you try to disengage.
You take off at a run,
Then slow to a stride.
But you never seem to walk away.
You admonish yourself to conform
Your dreams to other’s desires.
But you must stand strong,
You must learn to let go,
In order to be simply
All that you are.

I know who you are.
I can feel your power.
You know that you
Hold the key to succeed.
Yet you fear what you may lose
When your dreams become real.
For the disparager’s words
Ring shrill in your ears.
Yet those who would judge you,
And discourage your truth,
They don’t really know you;
They have never believed.
They never will know
Who you really are.

The universe hovers,
It can see your light.
It moves to draw you out
Of the corner you’ve made
To start the square box
Where you think you should be.
But in your presence
The darkness cowers
To become grey shadows.
Your truth shines too bright.
You cannot hide
For even the Universe
Knows who you are.

So when the sunrise sets
Move out of the shadows,
And walk the curve
Along the new horizon.
Let the circle take you,
Release all control.
And when the circle spirals
You will want to let go,
But don’t, just hold on.
Let faith set your path
Faith will lead to your destiny.
And always remember
I am standing beside you.
For I have always known who you are.

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