Monday, August 06, 2012

Bravura of the Butterfly

The egg, a tiny dot so small
Grows to burgeon for its beginning.
Yet waits its time and considers all
Of the aspects of its envisioning.

Then insignificant as she seems
Caterpillar creeps and crawls along
Consuming greens to store for dreams,
She moves in silence, for she sings no song.

When she feels she has had her fill
She stops to stretch upon a stem
And cloaks herself in softened silk
That hardens to harbor her from all storms.

Within the confines of her shadowed shell
Caterpillar surrenders to alteration.
Using the vision that did foretell
Her future forecasted in apparition.

Butterfly emerges during the months of spring
And once she is dry from the warmth of Sun,
She performs her dance on petite petal wings
To share with the world her concluded conception.

And so it’s the same with humankind
By using their knowledge of present and past,
They nurture their notions that come to mind
Then share the creations they’ve strived to amass.
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