Friday, August 03, 2012

Eternal Bond

First the inspiration...

I watched Great Expectations (1998), last evening. I haven’t watched this movie in some time, but I remembered that I liked it.

            It’s a complex story with complex characters. Alfonso Cuarón  skillfully directed his actors Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow, to perform wonderfully in depicting deep emotion that easily transfers to the audience, causing remembrances of experiences that are easily recognized.  A particular instance of my life experience came to me at the end of the movie when rhe charater of Finn says of himself and Estella, “She did know me...and I knew her.  And I always had, from that first instant.”  

            His words struck in me a chorus of memories; I went back, and returned to the beginning of the story to watch the character’s first meeting as children.  Their introduction was silent, yet there was a sense of knowledge in that silence, an understanding of one another that went beyond words or reasonable thought that remained with them forever—even within their periods of separation—there was always a sort of spiritual awareness of one another’s existence.

            Although the occurrence of this experience is rare, I have found that when it occurs in my life, the person it surrounds and the ensuing relationship or friendship remains forever. This type of bond is the inspiration for the following poem...    

Eternal Bond

A meeting of eyes, a flash of smile,
Your hands clasp in formal greeting.
There's warmth like home, without any guile
And your heart flutters within its beating.

Voices grow faint, and then fade out,
And you lose track of the conversation
While you try to reason, what this feeling is about—
This emotional transcendence without explanation.

Your eyes drift and meet in a glance.
You push it aside, and try to discuss.
Yet you know this meeting is not mere chance.
And then once more, you begin to lose focus.

Your mind is a rush of Déjà vu,
In your ears is a crashing roar.
You know this person, and they know you
And you will forevermore.
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