Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hey Are You There?

Hey are you there?

We are both her now.
We linger beneath the radar.
We know it's crazy.
We don't know why...

We stir the pot,
        that's how messed up we are.

Life day-to-day
       does not lend to us.
It molds us into everyone else,
       it kills our spirit
       it makes us forget.
We will never forget,
       We tell ourselves, "Don't!"
Then we know that we won't.
       We must always remember 
Free spirits aren't still.

Hey are you there?

We are both here now.
We yearn for the sun.
We live life everyday.
We prepare ourselves for it;

We know what life is,
       It's easier said than done.

Some don't forget
       But yet become bitter.
They resent all they have;
       they see it as bane
       allowing them nothing
Within the realized dream.
       They lose their center
And can't get it back.
       That won't happen to us;
We will never lose track.

Hey are you there?

We are both here now.
We talk everyday.
We reveal though word
We don't ever say...

We give it our best
       always fearing the worst.

Moves need to be made.
       We believe it's our time.
It's a feeling we get,
       it wears on our minds,
       it makes us aware
To prepare for the change.
       We hope it comes soon,
There's much more than this.
       We need to have room;
It's not enough to exist.

Hey are you there?

We are both here now.
And now that we are
Will we be here forever?
We are always so close
Yet never together...

We've so long been alone,
       Now we cling to each other.

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