Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seven Random Things

So, my wonderful new fellow blogger friend, Bridget, tagged me with the Beautiful Blogger and Reader Appreciation Awwards. Thank you, Bridget! I wasn't under any obligation to continue by writing this particular blog post, but it looked like fun.
Anyway, to continue, according to the rules of the Awards, I now have to write a list of seven random things about me. (As a side note, this took some time to finish as too many random things kept on popping into my head).
Seven Random Things
1.      I don’t like Jell-O. I never did, even as a kid. I think it has something to do with the consistency. Or maybe not because even if it’s made with fruit, I don’t like it.
2.      I live on coffee, but I don’t like any fancy coffees. I drink it from the moment I get up in the morning until I fall asleep at night. This is not something new. I have consumed coffee to this extent since my parents allowed me to start drinking it at around age fourteen.
3.      One of my favorite hobbies is building LEGOs. I have a closet full of them and I like to build them in sets to tell a story. I haven’t had the money to buy any new collections lately, but I have many sets that go back to the early ‘60s.
4.      My favorite television series of all time is “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”  It changed my life, brought me back, and woke me up to the realization that I was living my life to please others and in so doing, I had created a fa├žade to hide my true self and my real goals.  I re-watch the entire series every couple of years and each time I do, it reinforces that connection to my inner self and my certainty that I am on the right path.
5.      I am a hermit by nature. It’s not that I am exactly unsociable but I do thrive on solitude. In fact, I would prefer to live in a cabin set deep in the mountains, surrounded by nature with the nearest neighbor at least an hour away. However, I do have certain requirements related to communication. Foremost of these is that I have a computer with internet access as most of my communication with others takes place online.  I rarely phone anyone, and when I do, I only phone the two people in the world who I consider my best friends. If someone calls me, I answer the phone unless I am writing or in the middle of an art project, but if I am busy at the time of the call I will always return the phone call later.  If someone wants to visit me, it is best that the person contact me before arriving on my doorstep, as I am apt not to answer the door. However, if someone should call and would like to visit they are always welcome.
6.      I have dyed my hair since I was a teenager. In my younger years, I experimented with an assortment of colors. Presently, I use a color close to what I believe is my natural color. I say, “I believe” because I haven’t let my natural color out in so many years that I have no idea what color it actually is.
7.      I don’t watch sports events on television. I prefer to watch as a live audience spectator. If I watch something on a screen from my living room, I feel like I am missing something. It is the same for listening to live music concerts on CD. The only sport I would consider watching on television is Quidditch, but alas, I didn’t receive my Hogwart’s letter and muggles are not allowed… 
Well that's it for me. I am now supposed to tag seven more bloggers with the Beautiful Blogger and Reader appreciation Awards. If I tag your blog, please don't feel that you are any obligation to post. However, the following blogs are some of those that I read on a regular basis ( there are more, but I am limited to seven) and find interesting. I would appreciate that any readers of this blog check out the blogs listed below.
Thank you for visiting. ~ Yvonne ~

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