Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Week, Next Week, Now...

Last week found me a little discombobulated.  My focus, it seemed, on anything particular was not on the dockit. Although now that I look back on it I realise that I really did accomplish quite a bit. However, I did start a few writings that I have not, as yet completed.

I have two poems in the works. The first one has eight lines completed and I feel is perfect. The second is a series of random thoughts that are connected yet framented. I am not sure yet, but the two may end up combined to form one poem. I am still not sure yet.

I have an essay started that I will post here on this blog. It needs some revision, but I think it is turning out well, and I feel I am getting my idea across. Anyway, I hope it will clearly express my thoughts.

Also, I have started "Writing on Writing - Entry 004," which concentrates on the second book I am writing that is in the genre of non-fiction.

Next week, I hope, will find me finishing all the writings I started last week and didn't complete. As well, I need to spend some time at the library getting some research done for my fictional story. I am sure that all of this will keep me quite busy until the next weekend comes along.

It is a good thing, I think, to occasionally put my mind on pause, and take an account of the things I have finished, and the things that need completion. Right now, as I come to the close of this blog entry, and read my account of last week's accomplishments and realize the extent of the work I have accumulated for next week, I am feeling much more focussed as I face the week ahead.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and week ahead. Thank you for reading. ~ Yvonne ~

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