Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn's Rain Song

Rain this morning,

Windows open,

The atmosphere swells, thick

 While the ceiling fan’s slow spin

Drags the cool damp air

Of the living Earth

Into the closed shelter

Of house and home.

To drench the inside

With the outside,

To permeate every closed crevice 

To change the enclosed atmosphere

That serves to intoxicate all those

Who dwell within thick walls

As they breathe in the clean air of Earth.

While outside the window

A steady liquid drip… plip, plip, plip

O f drops that dance

Across the wood porch floor

Keeping tempo with the chatter

Of a myriad of drops that string

Their orchestrated harmony

Amidst the drenched leaves of trees,

As birds sing intermittent to lace

The song with a lilting melody…

Nature’s music calm, steady

Brings the tranquility to those

Who listen to exist

 And rest surrounded by

The solace of autumn’s rain song
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