Saturday, September 08, 2012


I awoke to the alarm this morning, which is very unusual, particularly for a Saturday morning.  However, there was a reason for this as due to the holiday last Monday, trash pick-up came a day late, and moving the trash to the curb is important.  I don't like to put the trash out the night before because we share our neighborhood with a few wild critters who love to pick through the trash for any prized edible morsel.

I stepped outside to one of those grey days of which I am not very fond.  Huge drops of warm rain spattered my arms and face as the wind swirled, it seemed, from no definite direction.  My house sits about 200 feet from the Lake Ontario shoreline and atop a cliff.  In order to get to the beach, you have to go down an iron fire escape stairwell that someone, many years ago, built into the cliff to give easy access to the beach below.  I could hear the waves crashing the shore and walked up the road to stand on the edge of the steps.  The lake was wild as far as I could see, with the wild tops of whitecaps dancing in scattered paths across the dark water.

As I stood looking to the horizon, I wondered if there was another person on the opposite shore of Canada, looking out across the lake as I was now.  I wondered if they, too, could sense nature’s change beginning.

The air is slightly different in feel and smell as the seasons prepare to take the transition from summer to autumn.  As the seasons begin their change, wind, rain, and thunderstorms pass through the trees and pull green leaves and small branches to scatter ground.  Small critters begin to hoard treasured foods for the season to come—I notice the squirrels in particular as they like to burry nuts in my flowerpots.  Soon, the leaves will turn from green to red, yellow, and orange before they fall to the ground leaving the trees to sleep.  As I turned to walk back up to the house I too, began to think of making the list of preparation I have to take to prepare for the cold weather season just one season ahead of autumn. 

Once home, sitting with my coffee, I think, “Yes, autumn is nature’s warning season that reminds all living things to prepare for the cold, ice, and snow of winter season to come.”

Thanks for stopping by.  ~Yvonne~
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