Monday, September 03, 2012

The Dishes Will have to Wait

I was going to get busy today and tie up some housework chores.  However, it seems that my mind is not going to let me concentrate on the few menial tasks before me.  I find it difficult to vacuum or wash the dishes when lines for the two poems I want to complete keep popping into my head.  When this happens, I have to stop whatever it is I am doing and rush to my notebook to jot down the stray line that has crept up and hit me with its brilliance.  By the time I reach the notebook and found the pen or pencil, I am not sure as to which poem it belongs.  Worse yet, I may not completely remember the line as it was so brilliant before I dried the soapsuds from my soaking hands.

And so, I’ve decided that the dishes will have to wait.  It is not life or death that they are washed now, and there are plenty more clean dishes to use in the meantime.  Not that I will use any soon as once I begin writing, I won’t think about eating, or dishes, or vacuuming.  No, once I start writing all else will fade away…
Thanks for stopping by. ~Yvonne~
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