Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Source of Power

I am taking hold, moving forward into this life
It is mine, and I hold the Source of my Power
            My Soul is open, as Spiritual arms

Ready to embrace all knowledge
That forever scatters along my life’s path
And, as I travel this life, there will be others
I do not yet know who they are
Or I may know them now,
Or I may have known them from time past
Or I may meet them in the future
Nor do I know what their lessons will be, for…
Some may lead me to new truths
Some may cause me to stumble
Some may teach humility and honor
Some may relish pride and greed
Though I know that sometimes I may struggle with uncertainty,
I have Faith that the Creator will guide my footsteps.
For the Creator is the Source of my Power.
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