Saturday, September 15, 2012

Notes on Time

Time ticks by faster,

I hear people say,

That the older you get

That more time gets away.

But I don’t think that time

Is the problem at all.

Don’t let time take you,

Rather, just take your time.

Or you may tumble and fall.


Time’s hands can’t move faster

And time’s hands won’t slow down.

So keep time to the music

That plays out your life,

Instead of the time clock

That causes such strife.

Stop watching the clock!

For life is not a time race

Travel your life-time with ease.

Live time at your  pace.


True, time takes its toll

And time takes its course

Time won’t save in a bottle,

Nor can time turn itself back.

Always take time with others
In their time of need.
And take time, use your senses
To smell, see, hear, and feel.
Take time to give love
As love is time’s gift.
Yes, take advantage of time,
For it’s only time that will tell
How much time we have left.
Until time’s end rings its bell.
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