Monday, September 17, 2012

Writing on Writing – Entry 006: Progress

It is eleven o’clock Monday evening as I write this blog, just one more turn of the hour hand before Tuesday arrives! Today panned out as a writing day, so not so bad for a Monday.  I do not have many days that I can exclusively devote to writing, especially not Mondays.  The memoir is moving right along.  I completed a story I started working on last week and set up a couple more.  

I found a freeware program for writers and authors called yWriter5.  It is excellent for setting up scenes and chapters and organizing your work.  There is a similar program called Story Mill for Mac that works in much the same way, however after using it on a trial basis you have to pay for it.  It s not expensive and I think it is a good idea if you have the funds, to pay for it without using the demo as you might lose any work you started.  However, yWriter5 downloads without charge.  Both programs are excellent for organizing scenes and chapters, and they will keep your story organized.

As I stated, the memoir is proceeding well.  Of course, I have ready material to work with for that.  The fantasy I am working on is pretty much at a stand still.  I have a ton of research, notes, and a couple of scenes ready to set up into chapters.  As well, I am writing any conversations my characters have with one another.  They sometime seem to frequently converse without too much prompting from me.  I love when that happens.

I have a friend with whom I brainstorm story ideas with, both his and mine, and I feel I need one of those sessions.  We don’t talk as often since he moved away and acquired a new job, but when we do phone one another, I always feel a bit more focused on my fictional story.  I think he may receive a phone call from me sometime this week.

If anyone thinks that a writer’s job is not hard work, than I have to assume that the person never attempted the task.  However, I love the work and cannot imagine doing anything else.

Thanks for stopping by.  ~Yvonne~
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