Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Safety in the Art of Shapes

In general, I am a geometric artist, I have always been attracted to art and objects that consist of a precise geometric pattern.  I love the straight lines and the symemetry of patterns contained within a quilt, or the definitive lines of smaller pieces within a mosaic that build a larger picture. The organized patterns in geometric shapes and lines that are evenly balanced gives me a sense of order that feels safe. Hence, my Ode to the Quilt project.

The following pictures are a break from the quilt project, but they are still geometric in construction. They are done in colored pencil and watercolor marker.  Each picture measures 16" x 20" on acrylic paper.  My first step in creating pictures like these is to graph the entire surface in 1/2" squares. I usually have a vague idea of the shapes I intend to include in a specific picture, but I don't know their arrangement or  how a pcture will look until I am finished drawing it out..  When I create pictures like this, I have that "lost in the moment" feeling until the pattern is complete. Once the drawing is complete, the proverbial "moment" lifts and I know that the piece is finished.

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