Monday, September 10, 2012

Not One of My Typical Mondays

I have so much energy today and have accomplished so many chores that I cannot believe that it’s Monday!  Maybe it has something to do with the cooler temperatures today and over the past few days, I don’t know why I am having this untypical Monday, but I am taking full advantage of it. 

Oddly, I am not in the mood to write.  Instead, my thoughts are turning toward art projects.  I am excited for the leaves to turn to their warm autumn colors so that I may collect them to use on canvas.  I only created one canvas last year, (pictured below), and I gave it away as a Christmas present.  It came out great, much better than I thought it would, and now I have dozens of ideas flooding my imagination.  Given that, I have no doubt that the writing bug will bite sometime this week, or maybe it will nip at me before this day is through.  I need to take a step back once in awhile to let the writing simmer on the back burner and I think that it is good to do so.
"Autumn Falls" - Mixed media: dried leaves, twigs, paper on acrylyc/colored pencil base - 16" x 20".
Anyway, getting back to this weird Monday… if I keep up with the pace with which I started out today, I should finish all those tasks that would normally take up my creative time each day.  It is very unusual, to have so much accomplished on a Monday, but I like it; and hope that there are more Mondays like this in the future.
Thanks for stopping by. ~Yvonne~

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